A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A scrufy mechanic approaches

"I've accidentally misplaced a decimal in the blueprints, now my prototype vehicle is a few sizes too small. Only you can pilot it back here my pet ferret"


"What, treats ?"

*Squeak squeak*

"No, you may not have them before you get the tank back"

*Grumpy chirps*

Iron Ferret

Is a small game where you play as a ferret riding a tank. Ultimately it's one giant escort mission, but at least your escortee is much more tankier than you and can shoot bullets.

(29 Aug - The post version is about 95% the same but with a few polishes and slightly better transitions, but if you're rating for the jam feel free to hit up the original non-post version above ~)

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Tags2D, GameMaker, Pixel Art, Top-Down


Iron Ferret (win).zip 9 MB
Iron Ferret (mac).zip 11 MB
Iron Ferret (post) (win).zip 11 MB
Iron Ferret (post) (mac).zip 13 MB


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This is super adorable! Love the aesthetics!


super cute! cant wait to see more stuff from you :D


Amazing work for this cute lil' game !! I hope there is a sequel in the development :)


probably the best game ever made or maybe not


Made a video


This was really fun and cute! I would love to see more of it honestly.

<3 Maybe one day when I have more ideas for the mechanics, but thanks for giving it a whirl ! And yea dude, love whatever the heck you want to love too !

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That was awesome! Short and sweet, but a lot of fun! Great art too.


I configured an Xpadder profile for this game and it works great! Especially cool because I can assign C+B to one button for shooting, but still have them separate on other buttons if I need them separate as well. Super fun game!


i like it


This was delightful. Good concept, good execution. A simple concept lovingly performed. Final boss fight took me a few iterations to figure out the rules, but I was having fun the whole time. 

Plus, the whole thing is adorable AF. Top marks!

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i'm not able to play, but from the looks of it, (and from the fact that i LOVE FERRETS) it seems amazing!

also it reminds me of FNAF world.


Top Notch Buddy.


Aw gosh, thank -you- !